Exposure & Conversion / Research / Marketing

Project Management

Duo Strategy uses the discipline of project management to guide and pace online campaigns over pre-determined ad budgets and fixed timelines. The project manager will collaborate with the creative director, project team members, and other stakeholders to manage the fulfillment of various project requirements.

Exposure & Conversion / Research / Marketing

Business Analysis

Duo Strategy believes every digital marketing campaign should have a business analyst guiding it, continually assessing and measuring it for its ability to meet the true needs of the organization. Unless digital marketing campaigns are based on real organizational needs and well-defined business requirements, they are bound to be ineffectual money pits.

Conversion / Research / Marketing

Digital Marketing Manager

Digital marketing campaigns are reliant on the vision of a Digital Marketing Manager. Having access to a Digital Marketing Manager who is proficient in the capabilities of online mediums, their toolsets, and the bylaws of SEO is instrumental in delivering and maintaining an effective digital strategy.

Exposure & Conversion / Research / Marketing

Social Media Marketing

At Duo Strategy, we plan, implement, and maintain analytics-driven social media marketing campaigns. Experimenting with new strategies and tactics to lower the client’s cost per conversion and increase the volume of conversions, we develop and implement local, national, and global plans for social media campaigns.

Exposure & Conversion / Research / Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Using pay-per-click, search engine optimization, curating relevant content, and through other methods, Duo Strategy can increase your brand visibility, which in turn generates leads, sales, and increases the ROI on your digital marketing budget. The aim of any digital marketing effort is to generate more traffic to your website.

Conversion / Research / Copywriting

Organic Social Media

Duo Strategy helps you manage and grow your brand’s social media accounts across the mainstream spectrum. Analyzing and reporting social activity helps us deliver insights to inform new creative strategies that can exist within your brand guidelines and amplify your essential message.

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Organic SEO

Using quality content, relevant HTML tags, and relevant keywords and phrases, Duo Strategy can optimize your unpaid SEO strategy. We can establish your search engine credibility, help you compete with similar businesses, and capture a segment of users who respond better to organic listings.

Conversion / Strategy / Branding


Duo Strategy believes in a copy-first approach to all digital marketing campaigns. Our copywriters are able to produce copy that can be used to facilitate SEO, SEM, and Social Media efforts. We create quality copy that is scalable across all social media channels and is adjusted for each target audience to convert.

Conversion / Strategy / Branding

Graphic Design

Visual communication reaches users first. Duo Strategy uses graphic design to improve the success of digital marketing campaigns, compelling users to consume copy and take the action offered by the CTA. Our Graphic Designers work with the client to gather the pertinent information and materials required to begin researching and conceptualizing the future product.

Conversion / Strategy / Copywriting

Creative Director

We identify the creative strategy based on the needs of the user and develop the process from conception to creation, in line with the brand’s tenants. The Creative Director meets with your stakeholders, setting expectations for deliverables, resources required, and the time involved in each stage of the project.